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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Job description

The main purpose is to achieve an excellent Project. The position works hand in hand with architect Johann W. Timmermann developing and representing design. We have different profiles of architects who play different roles within the team. Using hardware and software is a skill and pleasure when it comes to projecting. We like profiles that add up. The position requires skills and knowledge in design, technologies, performance analysis, understanding of materiality , research methodologies, and ability to listen and express oneself.



  • Creativ @

  • Puntuality

  • Passionate about detail

  • Ordered

  • Ability to communicate ideas

  • Sense of tonalities


  • Profession: Architect

  • Languages: English and Spanish 100%

  • Knowledge: Revit, Autocad, Rhino, Adobe.

  • Full time

  • Experience: 3 years minimum

  • Live 20 minutes maximum from the offices (Col. Jardines de la Patria, Zapopan, Jalisco).

Way to apply

Send an email to: Subject: "APPLICATION -" POSITION TO IS APPLIED ". In the mail share the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Phone number

  3. Where did you get your experience

  4. Revit 1 to 5 (Note: More Advanced Program Domain = 5)

  5. Autocad from 1 to 5

  6. Rhino from 1 to 5

  7. Other programs related to the position you apply for that you drive? At what level from 1 to 5?

  8. Attach your CV, Portfolio and photograph.

Our best wishes!

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